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March 27th, 2014

wheel alignment Reynoldsburg OHKeeping a well maintained car is difficult. Routine oil changes, checking belts and tire pressure, only to name a few. Sometimes simple tasks are left undone because we assume it can wait until next time. The majority of auto repairs could be avoided if proper care was taken to the vehicle initially or if small repairs are remedied before they become worse. Among all these maintenance checks how important is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment affects every part of a vehicle from fuel efficiency, tire wear, tire handling and performance. Correct alignment plays an important role for the vehicle’s steering response/suspension and if not aligned correctly can cause costly repairs to the vehicle and tires.

The staff at Dave’s Tires, Wheels & Auto Service are proud to serve the Reynoldsburg, OH area and encourage customers to have their tires serviced and learn pointers on how to maintain your vehicle and signs to understand when the vehicle should be serviced.

Free wheel alignment and installation package is provided with each purchase of 4 tires from Dave’s Tires, Wheels & Auto Service. View this promotion and all other coupons under the specials tab of the website. Schedule your appointment for wheel alignment or request a free quote for any service all with the click of a button.

Locally owned and operated since 1985 Dave’s Tires, Wheels & Auto Service not only has the most knowledgeable and honest staff in the area, they also provide the highest quality in merchandise with their large selection of tires for all price ranges and specifications. 

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